Purple Carrot

The intriguing tale of the purple carrot, Daucus Carota L., unfolds across centuries, originating in Central Asia before journeying westward with the Arabs around the 10th century. 

Alongside its yellow counterpart, this vibrant vegetable gradually made its way into Europe, with its distinctive purple roots earning it the moniker of anthocyanin carrots. 

Today, the purple carrot thrives in regions such as Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and India, boasting its greatest diversity. 

The captivating intense purplish-pink hue owes its existence to the abundant anthocyanins, synthesized under the nurturing light. These potent antioxidants found in purple carrots serve as guardians against free radicals, the notorious culprits behind skin aging, neutralizing their harmful effects within skin cells.

Harnessing the rich pigmentation of its anthocyanin-infused roots, we have crafted Veggie Mania tinted lip balm which graces your lips with a super healthy, radiant, and sensual sheen, packed with skin nutrients and antioxidants. And guess what – it can be used as a blusher too! The infusion of purple carrot extracts not only provides natural vibrancy to your lips but also adds a layer of antioxidant protection, complementing it's aesthetic appeal with the nourishing benefits of nature.