Unica skincare for Oily & Acne Skin

Achieving clear, blemish-free skin shouldn't feel like a battle – and with our products, it won't.
Formulated with a blend of nature's finest ingredients, including Tamanu oil, Jojoba oil, Thistle oil, and Prebiotics to balance and clear, our organic skincare line is tailored to tackle oily and acne-prone skin with ease. Our formulas actively combat spot-forming bacteria while restoring your skin's sebum balance.
Harnessing the power of pure organic ingredients, our natural acne skincare solutions work in harmony with your skin, promoting the growth of healthy bacteria while avoiding pore-clogging petrochemicals, harsh alcohols, and irritating detergents. 
Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our products as they rebalance your skin's moisture levels, gently drawing out impurities without stripping it dry. A 100% natural skincare routine that's both effective and gentle, suitable for the most sensitive skin.