Tamanu oil

If there's one oil that deserves the title of "miracle in a bottle," it's tamanu oil. This extraordinary elixir is an excellent example of a traditional remedy that has gained broader attention due to its effective use in traditional settings and scientific research corroborating its benefits.

Tamanu oil is found in the kernel within the nut of the tamanu fruit. The fruit is most commonly found growing in Tahiti, but it can also be found in other tropical climates. The tamanu nut is a botanical oddity. When the fruits are collected and cracked open, the blond nut kernel inside contains no apparent oil. But when the kernel dries on a rack for a month or so, it turns a deep, chocolate brown and becomes sticky with a rich, pleasant-smelling oil. Using a simple screw press, the oil is squeezed from the dark kernels. The resulting tamanu oil is dark green and luxurious.

Though tamanu oil is thick and rich, once it is applied to the skin, it is readily and completely absorbed, leaving no oily residue.

Since the tree only blossoms twice a year, and it takes 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of fruit to yield 5 kg of this precious commodity, tamanu oil is not cheap. However, the benefits far outweigh the time and expense of manufacturing this miracle skincare and skin repair oil.

Renowned for its multifaceted healing properties, tamanu oil boasts antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, antioxidant, and anti-aging virtues.

With a unique ability to foster the growth of new healthy skin tissue and shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation, which cause 75% of premature aging of the skin, tamanu oil emerges as a potent anti-aging agent.

In Europe, sometimes called Domba oil, it has a 70 to 75% success rate in alleviating rheumatism and scabies. It is also effective on gout and ringworm. It heals chapped skin, post-surgical wounds, cracked skin, bed sores, rashes, athlete’s foot, boils, and infected nails. 

Tamanu oil can also help acne sufferers. Topically administered, tamanu oil can assist in the growth of healthy, younger-looking skin and in the elimination of acne.

The skin-healing aspects of tamanu oil can also help those who suffer from the worst forms of eczema and psoriasis.

Tamanu oil has also demonstrated significant benefits in hospital settings as a treatment for severe burns caused by boiling water, chemicals, and x-rays. In 1928, Sister Marie-Suzanne, a missionary nun of the Society of Mary stationed in Fiji, tested tamanu’s medicinal properties and used it effectively to treat leprosy.

Sometimes referred to as “Green Gold” or the Sacred Oil of Tamanu, this oil also possesses analgesic properties that help rid the body of pain extremely fast, especially when it comes to conditions such as neuralgia, sciatica, shingles, and rheumatism. The combination of the oil’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities can be particularly beneficial in the case of pulled muscles, ligament damage, and sprains.

Because of its cicatrizing capacity, tamanu oil is amazingly effective for the treatment of everything from acne and acne scars, scarring generally, stretch marks, diabetic sores, psoriasis, sunburn, blisters, burns, cuts, eczema, herpes sores, insect bites, and the reduction or complete removal of unsightly age spots.

Tamanu oil transcends its status as a mere skincare product, embodying centuries of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge scientific validation. With its remarkable healing properties and diverse applications, it continues to earn its place as a truly remarkable elixir, revered for its ability to nurture not just the skin, but also the body and soul. As its legacy of efficacy and versatility endures, tamanu oil stands as a testament to the power of nature.