Combination Skin

Struggling with an unpredictable mix of oily patches and dry areas? Navigating the care of combination skin can feel like a balancing act. It's a challenge to pinpoint the right products for this skin type. But fear not, because at Unica, we've simplified the process.

Our mission? To cater to the unique needs of combination skin, offering organic solutions that regulate sebum levels and restore natural balance, all while delivering a radiant even complexion. Say goodbye to the confusion of skincare routines and hello to effortless radiance! Our organic products are designed to pamper your skin, calming acne flare-ups, taming T-zone oiliness, and minimizing pore size.

And the best part? Our formulas are gentle yet highly effective, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, including those prone to eczema and psoriasis. Kickstart your routine with our organic Bloom So Gentle Cleanser, delicately purifying while safeguarding your skin's precious oil and pH balance.

Follow up with our Spring Face Cream infused with Prebiotics and Tamanu oil, a hydrating powerhouse that rebalances your skin while keeping blemishes at bay. For an extra boost of nourishment and protection, reach for our Breeze Oil enriched with Tamanu and Andiroba oil, which not only hydrates but also evens out complexions, calms inflammation, and staves off blemishes. And don't forget our scrubs! Gentle yet remarkably effective, they offer a dry exfoliation experience that leaves your skin feeling revitalized, refreshed, and irresistibly soft.