UNICA feeds your good bacteria – not just your skin – by using Prebiotics. 

Prebiotics promote the growth of Probiotics, hailed as the game-changers in skincare. They create an environment where harmful bacteria struggle to thrive, reducing the risk of skin issues like acne and eczema.

Research showcased in reputable journals like the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of Dermatological Science highlights the tangible impact of prebiotic and probiotic products on skin health. One study revealed marked improvement in eczema with the use of a prebiotic cream, while another demonstrated a reduction in acne-causing bacteria without compromising beneficial bacteria levels.

Moreover, prebiotics are crucial in maintaining youthful skin. Disruption in the balance of skin microflora triggers irritation, prompting the body to generate free radicals which are notorious for premature aging, and a collagen-digesting enzyme.  Preserving collagen, vital for youthful skin, is paramount, and Unica achieves this with its natural prebiotic blend sourced partly from Inulin, one of the constituents of the chicory root, and partly from the natural sugars that result from an enzymatic process.