UNICA feeds your good bacteria – not just your skin – by using prebiotics.

Prebiotics encourage the growth of probiotics, the good bacteria, referred to as “the imminent revolution in skincare”, which make the skin less hospitable for harmful bacteria that cause skin disorders, acne and eczema.

Prebiotics also play an essential role in keeping the skin young. When the balance of microflora is damaged, the skin becomes irritated. The body responds to this irritation by creating free radicals, thought to play a part in premature aging of the skin, and a collagen-digesting enzyme. Given that collagen is essential to young-looking skin, the last thing you want is to destroy it.

Unica uses a natural prebiotic derived from one of the constituents of the chicory root, namely inulin.

Unica products containing prebiotics:
Face creams: Kiss it Better cream for very sensitive skin & eczema, Radiance plus anti-aging cream for normal & dry skin, Spring anti-aging rebalancing cream for normal & combination skin, Queen anti-aging & regenerating face cream for very dry & damaged skin; Skin Superfood All-Purpose cream for face hand and body.
Body creams: Green Valley Deeply Moisturizing and So Soothing Body Cream & After Sun,
Skin Superfood All-Purpose cream for face hand and body.