Nilotica Shea Butter

Nilotica Shea butter offers a remarkable blend of shea olein and therapeutic unsaponifiables, rendering it softer and creamier compared to conventional Shea Butter. 

Enriched with vitamins A & E, Nilotica Shea stands out for its nourishing qualities. Its luxurious texture facilitates swift absorption into the skin, delivering deep moisturization while preserving skin elasticity. Ideal for nurturing mature skin and addressing stretch marks, Nilotica Shea also promotes cellular rejuvenation. 

Beyond skincare, it excels in calming irritated, inflamed skin, providing relief for damaged, dry hair, and soothing scalp irritations. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can alleviate swelling and alleviate muscle soreness. 

Harvested nuts undergo a chemical-free cold pressing process, preserving the butter's unique fatty acid composition and ensuring its purity.